A Yes Vote on Gay Marriage Is It in Your Future

The wild and crazy debate over gay marriage has taken the gay and lesbian community by storm, no longer are they looking for quick action from the local bar scene, no sir, now they wish to hook up permanently and get hitched. Of course then there is the Christian Right, which is a huge voting block, which has definitely put its political foot down in the matter. But indeed as a non-gay debating these issues with a gay activist is difficult, as most people have no idea even what to call all these various factions of the gay community or even if you should bother to call them a community?.

Patrick states; "You also talked about what you can say without offending anyone. It's too strict, so offend people, they will offend you back and you can work it from there. Not the best system, but it can work as long as everyone keeps an open mind.

It helps get out anger that is building up.".I have no anger on this subject, only observations.

My observation is the gay fringe males which are 18 to lets say 30 or so, go to extreme lengths to threaten, slander and even break laws to be heard. That hurts the gay movement for marriage. And after listening to all this denial of the problems this fringe group is doing from those who are in the main group it is obvious they too condone it. Since they condone it, we must not allow gay marriage as it is rewarding rioters, law-breakers and those who threaten. I am going to jump onto the other side and start promoting a "No Vote" on gay marriage. We cannot reward this bad behavior.

Of course each voter must make up their own mind, so where do you stand?.

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By: Lance Winslow

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