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Because I have used audio discs for self-hypnosis, I have successfully upgraded the programming in my subconscious mind in several areas. I want to spread the word.

Brian Walsh, author of "Unleash your Brilliance" writes, "Some of us spend money and time on maintaining, or even upgrading, our external appearances. Some of us spend money and time on altering our internal attributes. Both are important, aren't they?

"There is this story about a man walking down a street. He was approached by a panhandler.

"Any spare change sir?" - The man replied, "Change comes from within." Yes, change does come from within. It begins by fine-tuning the core beliefs. To use a computer analogy, it is a disk clean, then a defrag.

"In my book, I devote a whole chapter to hypnosis. In this article, I'd like to discuss self-hypnosis.

Of all the workshops that I conduct, training people how to do self-hypnosis has got to be my favorite. I love to empower folks to set a goal, and then take that goal into their trance. The feedback I receive is very satisfying.

"I want to share some of the points that we cover in this workshop.

I want to convince you that you have the power within. Change is simply bringing back your true essence by stripping away the baggage that has been attached through negative imprinting, and reinforced by subsequent limited thinking.

"Our core beliefs are not all conscious. Day in and day out, we make decisions based, not only on facts, but on our perceptions and biases.

Most of these subconscious filters were set before we were seven years old. Why would they still be there? Probably because the subconscious has never been given alternative instructions. That's where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis is simply the technique to bypass the critical faculty that blocks access to the subconscious mind.

"When I first began to practice hypnotherapy, I realized that, aside from smoking and weight challenges, most people came to me for stress, career, relationship, and sleep difficulties.

In order to help people beyond my local practice, I produced four self-hypnosis audio CDs.

"If you would like to experience a complimentary sample, and if you use MS-Internet Explorer, then grab your headphones. http://clicks."


Because I have read his book and knew how powerful it is, I clicked on that link and listened. Do it.

It's wonderful. I'm buying his tapes for Christmas and birthday presents for my friends and family.

Before I heard Brian's tape I had been "going to Alpha level" every day with the Silva Ultramind ESP System from Learning

Now, I'm a level headed Yankee from Boston who never even heard of ESP. I'm not looking for that. But relaxing to the point where my brain functions on alpha waves is very healthy. You can do that with any kind of self-hypnosis.

Our conscious brains operate mainly on Beta waves when we are awake. Dr.

Robert Anthony writes, "To look at a situation and evaluate the information based on the conscious mind alone is to look at the effect instead of the cause. This makes us value judge both ourselves and others. And evaluate what we see, hear and feel as if it were, indeed, he truth."

Read that again. Do you understand it? I sure struggled with it in Beta mind. From Alpha I believe he means that the laws of physics are the cause, such as the law of gravity and the law of attraction.

We cannot see, hear or feel these laws.

Here's a poem that came out of all this alpha-izing:

Brain Waves by Evelyn Cole

Open the book of Alpha where your mind breathes through the pages at the speed of light

that feels slower than the pace of wait.

Go where your feet float and your cells dance to an old song from your DNA, one you barely remember.

Then, when you return to Beta, everything seems so easy.

Audio discs make self-hypnosis easy. I have used Centerpointe's to great advantage. Like Brian's, two voices come at you, one in each ear at different frequencies. Silva's discs have a marvelous tapping sound.

When you combine writing to discover your subconscious mind, as in Brainsweep, with hypnotic suggestion to reprogram it, there's nothing in this world you can't change if you want to.

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Evelyn Cole, MA, MFA, The Whole-mind Writer, www.write-for-wealth.

com Cole's chief aim in life is to convince everyone to understand the power of the subconscious mind and synchronize it with goals of the conscious mind. . .

By: Evelyn Cole

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