BeDoHave The Action Journey Versus The Creation Journey

A recent Rhymes With Orange (by Hilary Price) cartoon had the following dialog..Cat to Dog - "If squirrels are what you ultimately want, you can't chase them - you must attract them to you.".Dog - "How?".Cat - "First, VISUALIZE your life surrounded by squirrels.

Then FEEL yourself happy and relaxed in their presence, BELIEVE and ACT like squirrels love you, and they WILL.".Dog - "Or I could go spread peanut butter all over myself and roll in birdseed".

This cartoon is a perfect illustration of the BE->DO->HAVE? Principle in two ways:.FIRSTLY - it's a fun way of showing the difference between the Action Journey and the Creation Journey. Cat's proposing the Creation Journey - taking the time to positively and joyously visualize what's wanted. Dog's ready to get into the Action Journey - the one most of us want to leap into because of the way we've been trained.

We feel compelled to do something, to make something happen. And so we can - but we might find that it's hard work, or as Dog is likely to find out, doesn't work at all. Of course there's nothing wrong with action.

But there'll be a lot less needed, with success guaranteed, if it's inspired and joyful.SECONDLY - this cartoon "miraculously" appeared in he San Jose Mercury News right at the time I was thinking about this article, and it prompted me to a whole new approach. How cool is that! It's a perfect illustration of the way the Universe will organize events and circumstances to deliver what we want if we will just take the time to get ourselves into alignment.Most of us were raised on the Do-Have-Be process:.

* If you Do study hard at school, you can Have a good job, and you'll Be successful.* If you Do eat the right food and exercise, you'll Have a healthy body, and you'll Be happy.* If you Do hit the bar scene, or join that club, or get your profile on those matchmaker sites, you'll Have opportunities to find your perfect mate and then you'll Be in love/married/living happily ever after. .

etc. etc.Wrong! We got it backwards from a very early age. It turns out that we need to get the Universe - the powerful orchestrator - on our side. The Universe always responds to our thoughts. It always has us in the right place at the right time to rendezvous with the things we are focusing on (wanted or unwanted)! **.

To take advantage of this, we have to reverse the process - to BE-DO-HAVE?.If we can see/feel/imagine ourselves where we want to BE, then we'll be inspired to DO the things that will allow us to HAVE all that we want.A piece of bad advice - "Face reality".If you're like most of us, you've probably been told on various occasions, by parents, friends or others, that "you've got to face reality". This assumes that (a) it's obvious what this "reality" is, and (b) you can't change it.

In actual truth, reality is not as easy to define as this advice would suggest. it's also true that "facing reality" is bad advice unless your current reality happens to be exactly what you want. For facing reality means accepting it, thinking of it as unchangeable, AND creating a future with more of the same!.

OK - you say "I'm falling out of the plane at 10,000 feet. How can I not face reality?" To which the reply is "Hang on - it will all be over soon." Clearly in this environment it's a little late to be visualizing you're way to joy.Or you say "My job is horrible but I have bills to pay.

Are you saying I should just quit?" Well in truth if you can feel good about it - yes. But you're probably going to feel even worse about those bills if you do that.So here's where it's important to take some steps to get aligned with what you truly want. It takes a bit of work - different work - different habits of thought.

You need to take out each day to focus on what you want. And remember, that's focus on what you WANT, not what you don't want.** Footnote - For the engineers/physicists etc. out there, I know this is simple language to explain a complex phenomenon. It's definitely language limited by the space/time perceptions we have but can't even see.

"What does a fish know about water?" If we ever get to a Theory Of Everything, perhaps we'll be better able to describe this vibrational process of "like attracts like". For the present, I guess it's an empirical law. It describes what happens. Our option is to take advantage of it.

.Robin Retallick is a business owner and CEO who, like many of us, is on a journey of discovery seeking some of life's answers and learning how to achieve abundance. From early involvement with Christianity, he's moved to an understanding of the Law Of Attraction with all that that implies. As modern physics merges more into the world of the "supernatural", he sees the potential reconciliation of the spiritual with the scientific. He shares his insights, and processes and resources that work. http://www.

By: Robin Retallick

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