Breast Care For Natural Breast Enhancement Looks

It is correct to say that the female breast has captivated the attention of the human race like no other human organ. Since time immemorial, there has been a conscious reference to this part of the anatomy, and tips and suggestions on how to take their effective care has become an important part of all health-related paraphernalia. But it can be also said that despite the voluminous bulk of material on breast care, it still remains a somewhat ambiguous issue with women. . Proper breast care begins with the cleanliness of the breast. Women should devote a few minutes of their bathing schedule in pampering the breasts.

Since breasts are a spongy mass of tissue enclosed by a skin, they can be washed with the same soap you use for the rest of the body. It is easier to wash the breasts because of their shape, but be sure to also wash the area under the armpits. Infections in that region could affect the breasts too. When you are done with the major part of the breasts, wash the areolas and the nipples properly. Areolas are the dark circles that are present around the nipples. They have high nerve endings and are quite sensitive to touch.

Also if you are a lactating mother, this area needs to be cleaned after every time the baby feeds. Otherwise residue of the milk could dry out on the areola and cause infections for both you and the baby. Follow these techniques of breast cleanliness on a regular basis; four times a week is the minimum requirement. .

. It is needless to say how important the skin of the breast is in maintaining the overall breast beauty. In order to keep this skin supple and lustrous, moisturizing creams must be used, especially in the winter season. Applying some herbal oils available in the market will also help to replenish the skin over the breasts. Oils are used before massaging the breasts also.

Professionals advise different kinds of massages for the breasts. The most popular one is the circular massage, in which slight finger pressure is applied in a circular motion over the breasts. The pressure should not be so hard as to cause pain in the breasts; and at the same time it should not be so light that it doesn't produce any change at all.

. . If you take shower baths, then a hot water bath is good for your breasts. Breasts tend to lose their shape over time, and this is due to the excess buildup of the adipose tissue. However, a repeated hot water shower melts away the adipose and gives a better firmer shape to the breast.

But excessive hot water can melt away too much of the necessary adipose and make the breasts sag. Therefore, hot water is good for the breasts, but in moderation. . . Nipples are extremely important regions of the breasts.

Apart from adding beauty to the breasts, these are also the only functional areas of the breasts. Also they are the most erogenous regions. For all these reasons, nipple beauty is a very important part of overall breast beauty. Keep the nipples clean by the methods described above. Also, massaging the nipples help. In order to massage the nipples, they must be pulled with the fingers outwards from the body.

While doing this, the fingers must not pinch the nipples, but they must work with a slight grasping kind of pressure. When you feel the nipples are stretched to their maximum, then stop and repeat. This procedure must be continued about ten times per day.

. . Apart from the regular massage techniques, there are several yogasanas that can be used for the enhancement of the breasts. All asanas that are good for the chest can be used for women who want a better bust line. These include the Surya Namaskara, Vrikshasana, Stabdhasana, etc. which put a better pressure on the pectoral and thoracic muscles, which are very important for breast enhancement.

. . Women could make breast care a part of their foreplay during sexual intercourse. A method employed by several couples is to focus on the breasts before beginning the actual penetration.

Men are already fascinated by breasts, so it would not be much of an effort for them to massage their partner's breasts. During foreplay, the man can perform the stretching and circular massages of the breasts. This would have a dual purpose: to arouse the couple for penetration and also to enhance the shape of the breasts. But the man must remember to treat both the breasts equally, or there may be a risk of asymmetric breasts. . .

Finally, it must be remembered that breasts are very sensitive organs. Any discrepancy with them must be immediately brought to the notice of the doctor. Women must look out for any mass or lump that develops within the breast, as it could be a symptom of breast cancer.

Similarly, any undue secretions from the breasts must be urgently brought to medical attention. After menopause, women should visit their gynecologists for regular breast checkups. .

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