Can We Should We Rebuild New Orleans Right

Many are saying the cost to rebuild the City of New Orleans is simply insane and to do it right even more costly as it will still be below sea level. It will still be in Hurricane Alley and Mother Nature will surely rain on their parade again?.Rebuilding New Orleans correctly would take a whole new approach. Flexible concrete sub-levee system on each side of main levee, rethinking the engineering on the canals system. Pumping system with its own back up power system capable of a direct 500lb bomb or natural disaster.

Should we really rebuild it there or move it to higher ground and build a new city from scratch? But if we do not rebuild New Orleans does that mean the next big California Quake we simply refuse to rebuild also?.Los Angeles I would rebuild, San Francisco No. But since there is money flow in SF with a Fed Bank location, surely they [private enterprise] would in conjunction with tax incentives and bond monies to do it. But it should be done by the users not the rest of the nation, which chooses smarter locations to live. But as I study Earthquakes and magnitudes and the types of them with the S and P waves it seems that one can build on a proper foundation a structure to withstand such.They do in Tokyo and we have that technology.

But if any city is re-built it should not burden those outside the area with costs. It sets a bad precedence, as every city will expect to be rebuilt no matter what and well it just may not be feasible. In the case of New Orleans to do it right, with partial floating cities, aqua parks and retreat of the wall by many miles in many spots, the cost is not worth it. So, rebuild it some place else. We are no land challenged [cost wise] in LA like the other LA (Los Angeles) or NYC.

Certainly something to think about? When do you rebuild, when do you not and when do you simply start over? These are all questions we should be considering if we wish to be honest with ourselves. Consider all this in 2006.

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