Critiquing Your Internet Profile

It is unfortunately true that many emails go unread and deleted if the profile doesn't catch the person's interest.I have a rule. It's called the 10% rule. If you can get 10% of the women you contact to respond back, you are among the elite.

This is 10% of all the women out there using the internet personals, which equals a very large number indeed.After years of trial and error I developed a sixth sense about what kind of profile would get the greatest response. I can guarantee myself a 10% response rate on average.

I know that if I hit a response rate of 5% or less I will usually encounter flaky women since that percentage usually means there was barely enough interest to begin with. It's a subtle point I've discovered.So what makes for a powerful profile? Basically, it is sharp writing style, high standards, strong identity, and hidden/thought-provoking communication which can get a woman's imagination going. Also powerful is the use of the callback principle.

State something in your profile which opens the door for her to question you on it, to find out more. This allows you to hook her interest since she is now baited. You may say something obscure and deliberately off-the-walll, like, "I enjoy kickin it back with the punkin patch b*stard kids", or you may say something extremely sarcastic such as, "The key to a successful harem is.". The point is that you want to say something which makes her think, "I gotta talk to that guy for x-reason".

This x-reason can be the ice-breaker making the rest flow easily. It's a way in.You want to convey a powerful identity in your profile. Saying that you like to cuddle and walk on the beach is not going to cut it.

If you are coming across as generic that just will not work. Even if you're just being yourself. Dig deep and elicit your own values and sit down and write a monster which will suck people into your reality. You can start with a point form and from there spin those points into an alluring depiction of what you are about.

You must stay away from anything which sounds wussy, supplicative, or generic.Here's a subtle point regarding how women operate. Even though you may appear to be average to most people, the woman who ends up choosing you does not think that. In her mind you are above average. This is why you need to write something very unique about your identity which a percentage of women will click with. In their minds you are enough outside the norm to compel them to want to know more about you.

One single profile expertly written can mean the difference between meeting 50+ women in one year and meeting very few. This is especially true if you have a strong personality which just isn't apparent right away. You need to fix that to be able to get your foot in the door so that the opportunity is created to go further. And on the internet personals, the profile you use is the single most important way to do this.

Copyright 2006 Vittorio Norman.

.Vittorio Norman is the webmaster of the seduction website He provides an ebook on NLP based flirting and also provides a one-on-one consultation for improving your internet profile. Scroll down to the bottom of the website for details.

By: Vittorio Norman

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