Debbie Does Devastation Not Dallas

Well everyone predicted that this would be the Hurricane Season, which could rock the Gulf Coast, as if last year was not enough. The Eastern Coastline of the United States is also expected to get its share of Hurricanes this year as well. There was so much destruction in 2005 during the Atlantic Tropical Season that it seems it could not get any worse. Yet we are already on the "D" as Debbie approaches and threatens destruction and devastation as she decides her destiny.It is hard to say where she will make landfall although many are already wishing this 2006 Hurricane Season would just go away, yet it is barely getting underway say meteorologist, researchers and weather scientists. NASA and NOAA satellites already show the ocean surface temperatures heating up and that spells trouble.

None of which is news that weary residence trying to rebuild from last years destruction wish to hear.Meanwhile Debbie seems to be growing and the Hurricane Hunters will be dispatched and deployed to determine how destructive Debbie might be. The National Hurricane Center in Miami is talking a more calm approach and calculating her path and trying to decide how much assistance will be needed in advance of her likely landfall. Consider all this in 2006.

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