Energy Shifters The Everyday People Who Move Energy

One thing has become clear to me the more I do energy work. That is that we are all given the means & cues to change our energy patterns each day. Sometimes we can do it ourselves. Other times we need assistance. Energy workers are among us in many manifestations ? I will call these people "Energy Shifters".The Universe is diligent in finding ways to get you to break limiting belief patterns that may be preventing you from moving ahead in your life.

Amongst us each day are "energy shifters" who conspire with the Universe, most of the time unknowingly, to help another person shift from a limiting beliefs system of thought to one of light. Sounds pretty woo-woo doesn't it?! Ok, so let me give you a practical example. This is actually something I've personally experienced recently.I have been blessed with 2 wonderful personal trainers: Josh & Chris. My goal in working with them was to get my stamina up for the hiking vacation I took in January.

The benefits have been so great that I've kept working with these "coaches". Much to my surprise they now have me kick-boxing. Keep reading, there is a moral to this story.

The first time Josh handed me the gloves I scowled at him and said "uh huh, no way" 2nd time, he made me actually put the gloves on. I felt empowered but totally freaked out about this. He laughed & asked me to hit him, well, the pad he was holding in his hands.

A million trillion screams (limiting beliefs) going through my mind ?.You're a girl you shouldn't be doing this.You shouldn't hit anyone ever.The last thing you need to be Maria is MORE aggressive.I punched according to instruction for 5 minutes almost bursting into tears.

Nope, that was enough. I made him take the gloves off me. Running to the bathroom so he couldn't see what a "wimp" I was. Later, Josh sweetly began to explain how healthy this would be for me. My cardio strength, stamina & endurance would improve.

Not to mention tone my entire body. In my head all I heard was;.You're a bully.You're overdeveloping your masculine side.You're too aggressive as it is.People will be intimidated by you.

I switched to train with Chris the next time thinking he wouldn't approach me with those smelly red gloves. Ah, not true. There he was, smiling as he strapped me into them.

Even before the Velcro snapped closed the negative, limiting beliefs started playing in my head. This was a surprisingly difficult thing for me. But over 5-6 sessions Chris did some "energy shifting" by simply countering these illusions with the truth. I am someone who responds to loving kindness and not a drill sergeant screaming at me not only in the gym but in life as well.

I trusted him enough to tell him my fears. So here's how it went:.My limiting beliefs/illusions.

You're a bully.I'm too aggressive as it is!.Girls don't do this.I'm a spiritual person I shouldn't be hitting anyone.I'm going to hurt you ? I don't want to get a nasty phone call from your mother or girlfriend.Chris' Energy Shifting.

Everyone is naturally aggressive.Misdirected aggression is unhealthy, learn to channel your aggression properly and it's an asset.It doesn't matter that you're a girl you can do whatever you want.

You're hitting a pad not a person who is defenseless in the street nor are you brawling in a bar.(laughter) No way! Now punch!.As you can see my excuses/ limiting beliefs just got more & more ridiculous! By the way, both Chris & Josh are massively solid men who I doubt would register any punch or kick I could muster.

Now, watch this. Here's the Universe in action:.a) Limiting Beliefs ? Me, Maria, freaking out. Old tapes of being a bully and overly aggressive come up.

b) Bait is Set ? Josh explains the real benefits of this type of exercise. This is the lure.
c) Energy Shifter Goes Into Motion ? Chris discounts the limiting beliefs & structures statements of TRUTH into our dialogue thereby gently helping to reprogram the outdated beliefs. He acts as a reality check point. Chris is literally moving my energy patterns from negative to positive. He is changing the "energy" of the limiting belief pattern.

d) Ultimate Benefit/ Life Lesson ? believe it or not, it's not necessarily the exercise. It's the revelation more importantly I have come to accept that my natural aggression is an asset when channeled properly. Being an aggressive woman doesn't make me a bully or less feminine.

This is big stuff!!!! BINGO, the payoff! The Universe makes its point.What I love about the way the Universe works is that people, the "energy shifters" usually have no idea that they are actually playing such an important role in a persons life. They are doing what comes naturally to them. Chris probably had no idea that his role in my life during this time was to move my energy to embrace this part of myself.

But instinctively, intuitively he did. We're all a whole lot more intuitive than we acknowledge.The Universe provides us with people who can help shift our energy patterns and release FEARS. They show up in different ways. They are the folks who help you SEE past your limiting beliefs and lovingly show you the way to YOUR TRUTH.

The KEY is that the "Energy Shifters" are enablers in the GOOD not the NEGATIVE. Please notice that Chris did not suggest that I use kick-boxing as a way to resolve disputes, nor was he training me to become the ultimate fighting machine. : ).Anatomy of an Energy Shifter. They help prop you up until you can consciously shift your energy & limiting belief thought patterns. They do not enable you to live in your limiting beliefs & patterns.

This is an important distinction to make. Tailor-made personality plus! For me personally, the "energy shifters" in my life also have amazing senses of humor. I revel in the ridiculous and sublime! Usually laughing at myself & my own actions. This is what makes sense for me. The Universe knows this is effective in getting me to LISTEN.

For others who are more left brain wired their energy shifters may be able to reason with logic ? because that's what makes sense to them. Best of all?.an "Energy Shifter" is just an ordinary person who, sometimes unknowingly, uses their natural intuition & guidance to help you on your journey.This months Challenge: Surround Yourself with Energy Shifters.1. Identify a similar situation in your life where someone, an "Energy Shifter", has helped you to move you're energy pattern out of the negative into the positive.

Can you see the key part they played in helping move your energy?
Note: this can be a friend, a family member, the man in the convenience store or sometimes it's the kind words of a complete stranger.2. Recall what the important lesson was for you. Notice the feeling of the "ah-ha" moment or revelation. Most of the time the lesson isn't what you initially thought it could/would be.3.

Review the key people in your life, listing the people who help you to be realize your potential.4. List all the people who enable you in the negative.

Which list is longer? Hopefully it's the first one!.Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with "Energy Shifters" and limit the people who limit you in your life. Easier said than done? Hummmmmm, try it & see what happens. You might be surprised to see that the limiting people will slowly disappear in your life. Light dispels darkness every time!.

.Maria is a Holistic Health Counselor specializing in Energy Therapy.

By: Maria Gamb

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