Fixing The Small Problems In the United States

We live in the greatest civilization ever created in the history of the human species bar none. At no time in all the written ancient and recent history has there been a nation, civilization or country like the United States with her strong middle class, freedoms and obvious liberties. But still as great as we are there are many small frustrating issue we need to fix and this is why one online think tank addressed the issue and one member stated;.

"Because the problem is multifaceted, it requires a complex approach and long term solution - one that will necessarily reach to many different levels of our society. I'm not sure that it's possible or probable in our lifetime.".Well indeed and many have taken the longer term approach on such things, but as much as Cecil Rhodes made sense, I condemn him in many regards for lumping all things into the multi-period approach, as there are many things that can and should be done in the here and now of the present period and it is unacceptable to put off such important endeavors which could be solved now.So, would the gentleman [Cecil Rhodes] or a contemporary learned man or follower of such philosophical inclinations like to get his rear back here and debate with me on this? Indeed we could if we choose to fix most all problems now, leaving very few undone, but just enough to propel a touch of sound and fury to the next generation so they find a sense of purpose in fixing something? You know humans, they need something to fight and argue over? Perhaps we should consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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