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Most people in the United States do realize that with unemployment low, we need more labor units to fulfill all the jobs, which must be done. But we know we cannot allow just anyone to sneak over the border to do these jobs in this age of International Terrorism. Not to mention the number of criminals, drug dealers and gang members coming over our borders as illegal aliens.What can be done? Well this subject is being addressed in an online think tank and one guest member stated: "I believe that the government should say ok your here will continue to work but you will not get any government aid.

".I understand this point of contention and would comment that you must leave the country and schedule a "Rapid Probationary RBC[Rapid RFID Card] and apply for Worker Status, citizen probationary period or student/worker card. This can be applied for at a Border Center Regional Check Point.

Where you get tested for disease, finger-prints, DNA sample, copies of paperwork such as; Student acceptance, sponsor, job, etc. Your basic; "Who, what, when, where, how"; and we call this one-page form the "W4H EZ-Ap.".The process from start to finish with proper paperwork and the right answers paperwork 30 minutes to 1 hour for Mexican Citizens which are 60% of our present immigration problems. After the first 8 million applications, limit the rest to 800,000 per year maximum for all immigrants.

And a floating number for "JAWD" Jobs Americans Won't Do. Student VISAs a different category, but similar process.You state; "Put a plan like this into place and you will see how many will protest even this.

But I strongly believe that is we do not do something this drastic, the US will become another Mexico, the very same thing they are running from.".Indeed. It seems no one wants to follow our current laws on the books and we have 2-million illegal aliens coming into the United States every year.

Something must be done and this currently is not working. We must act. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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