Happily Ever After

In the beginning, how would you have described the relationship between you and your spouse? Would you have said it was very passionate? Would you have said it was most stimulating in all the right ways - mind, body and spirit?.Do you still view your spouse as that special someone?.If you had to think whether all of this still holds true for you and your family, than it may be time to re-think you, your relationship with your spouse, and your relationship with your children.Parenthood can drastically change you and your marriage because more effort is placed into everything else that goes along with the territory of parenthood. And whether you feel it right or wrong, that can become very tiring for everyone because you forget about yourself and what you need, want and desire and what a good relationship needs.

But, you're not alone, all parents quickly learn that babies are not baby dolls and they do require more, much more and sometimes it can lead to some resentment. Your spouse can be resenting you and you can be resenting your spouse.Just as one person can make or break a relationship, imagine what two can do when they put their mind, body, and spirit back into the relationship. So give yourselves the right to be attracted to each other again and to be attractive to you as an individual.

No we are not talking about all of that physically attractiveness. Well, actually we are but we are also talking about mentally as in your mind, soulfully as in your spirit, and then of course physically as in your body.


Angela Baker is a wife and mother who know what it means to have an increase in life responsibility after starting a family. That is why she is dedicated to during her spare time, making sure moms get the information they need for family wellness. To find out what she does with the rest of her time to help families either save money or make money visit

By: Angela Baker

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