How To Keep Your Relationship Alive

If you have been married for a while, it's easy to get lost in your busy lifestyles. Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses. Keeping you relationship alive, takes a lot of work, you have to have to be spontaneous and keep things interesting and adventurous.

When you first get married, love in the air, you can't get enough of each other, but after a few years, things slow down, and sometime even comes to a halt.Some simple ways to keep your relationship alive, will be taking afternoon walks together and reconnecting with each other, upon wakening-up everyday, say something nice to each other before starting your day, surprised each other with breakfast in bed, a back rub to your spouse after a stress day, complimenting each other every day, and stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things a little different occasionally.All these ideas will bring back the spar that was once there.Over the years you might put-on a couple pounds that might not be attractive to your mate.

Keeping yourself sexy and fit will definitely make your spouse happy. Exercising at lease three times a week will improve your flexibility and overall endurance.Taking a vacation together will bring back the love that was once there. Most couples get together because they love each other interest, and others for convenience. If your relationship is based on convenience, love really doesn't stand a change to make a come back.When you find that special someone, it's like finding a million dollars, You want to do all you can for your love, and keeping the relationship alive, after a couple of years past, is very important.

Never give up on love, because there is someone out there for everyone. Lastly, make the time to get your love back into tip-top shape, or it will slip away from you.

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By: Roger King

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