Iran Time is Running Out

One has to fell sorry for Iran and its President, as soon the World will be coming down on them like a ton of bricks. It looks as if they have had fun with all their rhetoric and game playing in the public arena and soon they will be forced to shut down their nuclear atomic bomb building research and development. But why?.Well because they have promised to Blow Israel off the map. Presumably with the nuclear weapons and warheads they are developing from the Uranium stock that they bought from the Chinese and put on top of the Chinese Missiles they recently purchased.

Well we also know that they sponsor international terrorists organizations too. And we know that Hezbollah and Hamas have both received funds from Iran. Hamas just sent rockets into Israel after a long seize fire and Hezbollah is responsible for many International Terrorist Acts as well. Additionally Iran has sent insurgents into Iraq to hurt the forming of the new government and go after coalition troops and Kurds too.

Iran has also threaten that it will attack Western Targets and allies of the United States of America if any sanctions are placed on it or if anyone tries to stop their building of nuclear weapons. World leaders have said; Iran; Time is Running Out. So as Hurricane Season begins it looks like Iran is in for a whirlwind of political events aimed at stopping their atomic bomb building.

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By: Lance Winslow

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