Is Your Grip Too Tight

Our society seems to be on a mission to possess as much and as many as possible in their life experience. It seems as if many individuals are in the process of accumulating wealth, success, relationships, recognition, material goods, social status, and control, hanging on for dear life because they believe this will bring them happiness.Anything you hang onto is simply an attachment, and an attachment depicts bondage.

In bondage you are not free to express as the person you are because you are living under the control of someone else. If you allow someone or something to control your life you have given away your power and are literally seeing life through another person's eyes. Or perhaps you're the controlling person, doing your best to manipulate the lives of others so things go the way you decide they should go.People think that control signifies power.

After all, you understand fully the power that a policeman has over you if you're stopped for speeding. That is external power and is forced due to chain of command, age, money or status. You look at these individuals as powerful because they can control certain aspects of your life, but this is only on the physical plane.Your true power and freedom comes from surrendering your will to God. Surrender to most people spells weakness, but actually an individual who totally lets go finds a source of power within themselves they had forgotten.

Letting go of planned outcomes and attempting to manipulate the details as you see fit frees you up for the good to come to you.Stop a moment and think of a circumstance in which you loosened your grip and a miracle occurred, one you could have never planned yourself. Here's an example.

A woman who had been widowed with two children had wanted to teach children, write books and be with her own children more. But, as the sole caretaker of her two children she remained in a job that took a lot out of her but gave her a very nice income - security for her family. She wasn't enjoying the work any longer but was afraid to try anything else.She began having one physical problem after another with multiple surgeries in a short time frame.

The job was too taxing and she knew it wasn't good for her. She decided to leave that company and began searching for something similar but with better job assets. In her heart she was feeling this would be a good time to move forward with what she really wanted to do but fear popped in once again and she went for the "secure" job.

Only a few weeks into the new position she knew it wasn't going to work. Finally, she surrendered her will and let go so God could take over. Having stepped out of the way, letting go of her grip on how she was attempting to control things, doors began opening in so many new directions. Within a few weeks of letting go she was on her way to a new life that would give her all her heart's true desire: more time with her children, teaching and directing children, and writing books.What caused this dramatic chain of events to happen? It began in her thoughts. Our thoughts are energy and create every experience in our lives.

If we don't like out life as it presently is we have the power to change it completely. Energy once formed can never be destroyed and if fear rules our thoughts we connect with more fear and continually bring fear-driven situations into our lives. When we let go of the fear, surrendering to the higher purpose of our life, we not only grab back our power but allow the right and perfect things to flow to us.This woman changed her perception of how she thought things should be.

She surrendered her will, letting go of the attachment to every detail of her life and her financial security. When she loosened her grip and closed the door on something she knew was no longer in her best interest, she opened up new opportunities that will not only bring her a good income, but will also fulfill her higher divine purpose. She could have remained where she was for we always have the power of choice, but she listened to her spirit and got out of the way. She is now free, the chains of attachment are gone, and she is doing something she loves.

The miracles that have been gracing her life are beyond anything she could have imagined.That's how it is when we loosen our grip and allow life to flow. You try so hard to hold on to a relationship that doesn't serve because it feels scary to leave. You remain in jobs you dislike because you're afraid there might not be anything better for you. Those beliefs that say it must be a certain way may be the prison door that is blocking your life.So ask yourself right now, what am you holding onto that is not raising you to a higher level? A relationship? A job? An old belief? Self-incrimination? Security? All of these are an illusion that the ego provides so that you believe you need this.

Need always tells the story of wanting more because it seems there's not enough. This keeps you from moving forward as you remain under the thumb of your ego. I invite you to loosen your grip and let it go.

Then, and only then, can the new, exciting, life-enhancing possibility appear at your doorstep. Open the door and let it in!.

.Carolyn Porter, D.

Div., is an inspirational speaker,author of multiple books, ebooks and audios, spiritual wholeness coach, trainer for speaking, and energy facilitator, whose passion is to help idnviduals move beyond their limiting beliefs and become who they are meant to be.

By: Carolyn Porter

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