Is Your Husband An Alcoholic

Being able to recognize if your spouse is an alcoholic can be difficult in many ways. Understanding your partners drinking habits and your own possible role as an enabler can be as stressful to your emotional well-being as your partners alcoholism. Anyway, first on the list is to discover any particular pattern in your partner's drinking habits. For example, Is drinking a daily event? or is maybe just the a weekend habit? Do they tend to hit the bottle after a sudden row? Or would you say their stressful job is always a good excuse for a drink or two? Alcoholics in general tend to always come up with the same excuses for an excessive drinking pattern.

A partner who just has the odd drink socially is not on par with one who always visits the pub regularly after work for a relaxing drink. If your partner falls into the latter category then I am afraid that he has become dependent on alcohol to a certain degree. Something that most alcoholics have in common is to always put the blame on other people for any problem they may have in their lives. It could be a ruthless boss, a nagging partner or just plain old money to mention just a few examples, but the result is always the same as the only solutions possibles seems to be to drink their problems away. So at this point what you need to be asking yourself is does your partner do the same in facing up to his or her problems. Alcohol really does have a negative effect on the family life as an alcoholic soon forgets his family commitments and responsibilities.

Should you be feeling the brunt of the family financial burden then you may want to take a closer look at what your spouse is spending on booze. The facts of the matter whether taken from a survey or a book are always identical and that an affirmative answer to the above questions can only mean one thing and that is that your partner is an alcoholic. A further complication to the situation is that it doesn't only depend on the quantity of alcohol consumed but also any resulting erratic behaviour patterns that upset the family ambience. But putting all this aside, there is a way forward, but first you just need to able to sit down together and talk about it. The important thing to remember while trying to stay sober is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are many others just like you and together, you can help each other. All you have to do is go to http://www. for the very best advice and you will soon begin to feel much better and not so isolated.

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