Its Hell in the Hallway

Ever feel like you're standing in the middle of a long corridor of doors, all closed, and you're confused about what to do next? This often happens when you begin to consider making changes in your life. Doors may close before new one's open and you discover you're in the hallway and it feels like hell!.As you get conscious about your life, realizing there may be different possibilities available to you, a natural shift occurs in your energy.

With this shift comes a renewed sense of creativity. Creativity brings new and exciting ideas into your mind. As your mind contemplates these creative ideas, your attention shifts from what is - to what can be. As your attention shifts so do your emotions and you begin to wrap your feelings abound these new options.

Your external world follows suite and things shifts to match your internal thought and feelings. Life as you know it, begins to change. With this shift, doors may close before new one's open and you discover you're in the hallway and it feels like hell!.You may suddenly become bored or restless, unable to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Sometimes if the change is long overdue things may speed up rapidly. You may dream of a new job and suddenly find yourself downsized or transferred. You may consider making a move to a different state and have your landlord show up and give you notice while putting the "For Sale" sign up in the yard. You may consider leaving a relationship that doesn't work anymore and your partner ask for a separation. Doors may close before new one's open and you discover you're in the hallway and it feels like hell!.So what do you do when you find yourself standing there with all doors closed?.

First, recognize that this is where you are and why. You have begun to set things in motion with your internal shifts and the external changes are happening. Realize that the timing may be a little off, for your comfort, but not for the larger picture. Keep breathing.Next, maintain your focus on the new possibilities. Hold the energy in thought and feeling for what you want to experience with the changes.

It's OK to knock on a few doors and see if one opens to you. Maybe you will receive new insight or new information that can be helpful. Maybe you will be invited into a room, to visit temporarily as you catch your breath before moving on.

If you knock and hear someone say, "I hear you knocking but you can't come in," move on quickly and try another door.As much as the transition is welcomed, standing outside of your comfort zone never feels comfortable. Turn hell into heaven by celebrate the closing of the doors and affirm they are a sign that you are on your way to experiencing the new.

The stairway to heaven begins with one-step-at-a-time.

.Sharon Marquart is a gifted Certified Personal Coach, inspirational speaker and author. For more than 13 years she has share with audiences large and small. She is the author of "Working For God," "Living With Soulful Purpose," and "Creating A Wedding Ministry." Her coaching practice is Living at YES!(You Embracing Spirit) where she passionately supports clients in identifying mistaken beliefs and self-limiting thoughts. She coaches them in getting unstuck, setting intentions and living possibilities! Sharon teaches via tele-classes and facilitates tele-groups and e-courses. Her coaching clients are nationwide.

Sharon is committed to bringing Metaphysical and Spiritual Truths into everyday language and applying them to everyday life experiences. Sharon is the Director of Spiritual Coaching at the Coaching Academy of North America http://www.spiritualcoachingtraining.

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By: Sharon Marquart

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