Its Ok To Be Rich

Thousands of not millions of Christians believe it is wrong to be rich. They have been taught to seek after riches is a sin. Nowhere in the Bible do you find that teaching. You are taught not to love money or to seek riches with the wrong motive.

You should have riches not let riches have you.God teaches in his word you should meet the needs of others. If someone is hungry feed him, if someone needs shelter give him shelter, and if you can meet any other need meet in to the glory of God. You can not help others if you are not able.

If you are deep in debt and struggling from pay check to pay check how can you help someone else? You say well I am doing the best I can, but are you?.Being rich is more than having a lot of money. You should be rich in the knowledge and understanding of God's word, letting it guide you in your thoughts and activities. As you study the Word you will see Jesus instructs "Seek you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added onto you" He of course was talking about the everyday needs of life.

As you seek to please God with your life he will bless you, here and at the judgement seat.God's blessings and rewards are in response to faithfulness to good works. The letter to the Ephesians says you are called by God to good works he has prepared for you. In order for you to be available to accomplish these good works you must be usable.

That means you need to follow the instructions set forth in God's word. Love God with all your body, soul, and spirit. Love the way He does, unconditionally. Be concerned not only for the eternal well being of others but their physical well being also."Time is money", you have heard that saying and it is true.

You are given the same amount of time no matter what your status in life may be. Sometime money is not enough. Your willingness to give of your life, your precious time, may be needed to meet the needs of others. Whether it is time or money you need to use what God has blessed you with to do good works.Good works are anything you do under the leadership of Holy Spirit for the glory of God.

That may include just encouraging someone, helping someone through a hard time, serving in your church, anything God bids you to do. Most Christians do not take the time to listen to Holy Spirit because they are too busy in their daily life. As one lady put it "Everyone is too busy hoeing their own row". For those that have never hoed in a garden that refers to using a hoe to take the weeds from the garden, a difficult and tedious task.When the blessings of God begin to flow into your life He wants you to give to others.

God is a giving God. He gave his only son so whosoever would believe in him should have everlasting life. He has given his Holy Spirit to indwell you and be your comforter and teacher.

He gave extreme wealth to Abraham, Lot, Job, Solomon and even gave Joseph control over the wealth of a nation when he was in captivity. They used their wealth for the good of all.Socialism is not the answer, giving of your time and money to reach others for Christ and help them to grow and prosper so they in turn can help others is. Gain all the knowledge, spiritual and secular, that you can to equip you gain all the wealth you can then give most of it away. You then have used your riches, spiritual and material in the right way, to the Glory of God. "Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatever ye do, do all to the glory of God".

I Cor. 10:31.


Warren Adams has been a bi-vocational preacher for over twenty years. Wanting Christians to be spiritual minded in all that they do. But realizing to reach out and help others to the max money is needed.

Encouraging Christians to make all the money they can. Then give it away for the cause of Christ. Go to http://www.ItsOkToBeRich.


By: Warren Adams

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