Lance Rants on the Fanatical Rhetoric Leading to the Iranian War

Well now we have both sides making statements, promises and some say threats, as Iran builds nuclear weapons and promises to; Blow Israel Off the Map. The President of the United States has stated that Iran cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons. This due to the fact that they are sponsoring international terrorism and have already made their intentions of what they wish to do with these nuclear weapons publicly known.

Indeed the Iranian Leadership tells the United Nations that it only wants nuclear weapons in order to provide a buffer deterrent to all the other nations surrounding it that have nuclear weapons already. Nevertheless we have somewhat of a political impasse, which does not look good for humanity.Can someone give us an honest assessment of how you have to deal with terrorists, you cannot negotiate with them, forget reason, and if you do not take action, you can take incoming. So tough love, with discipline is the answer.

Weakness gets you killed, trying to be loved makes you open to more fear incited tactics and ramped up rhetoric.It is not fanaticism to confront terrorism head on. It is survival.

There is nothing fanatic about standing up for your nation and there is nothing wrong with a nation which goes out of its way to protect its people, allies and assets.

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By: Lance Winslow

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