Love Test Will You Dump Her Because She Is Taller

Let us take an example of a couple. The girl is taller than the man. They are both in deep love. They like each other and they want to be together.

But conventions say that man should be taller than the girl. What should they do?

It is because of this belief that girl should be shorter than the boy, that both will be repeatedly taunted by their friends and family. They will be told that it all looks awkward. They will be obliquely advised to separate. The world never lets two lovers live in peace.

The world always enters where it has no business. But the trouble is that we cannot go away and stay on a remote island. We have to live in the society and suffer.

If his pair marries, this fact will be pointed out by others and noticed for their lifetime.

Even unknown people who have no business will look at them with surprise. That is the reality. In this scenario, what should they do? Should they separate?

Some may opine that they should separate. In my opinion, they should never.

As far as they are comfortable with each other, love each other and like each other, they should ignore all the innuendos and stay together. Society has its collective reasoning that has developed over centuries. One of this is that since man is dominant, he should be taller. But society changes with time and conventions change with place. What is not acceptable in one country is welcome in other. Apart from all this reasoning, the central fact is love for each other.

Till that remains, the couple should continue life together.

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