Make Hot Flashes Only a Memory

Hot flashes are a part of menopause, which is a process that every female body goes through when it reaches a certain age. Hot flashes are just one symptom of menopause, but often the most popularly treated. The stress of hot flashes often begins to interfere with the well being of menopausal woman, and so they seek treatment. There are treatments available for just the symptoms of hot flashes and also treatments that claim to reduce all of the symptoms of menopause. It is important before beginning treatments to know which symptoms are affecting you and how often. Menopause is not a disease to be cured, it is a natural process and can be treated with natural remedies such as herbs.

Plants and herbs often have less severe side effects and can be experimented with without a doctor's prescription. If, after trying natural remedies you do not see any improvement in your condition then it may be time to try over the counter medications for treating hot flashes and menopause. Doctor's are a good source of advice for information about any supplements or over the counter medications. Prescription medications would be the next step in treating menopause if the above methods do not work for you. Hormone replacement therapy, or taking estrogen, is said to reduce menopause and its symptoms.

Estrogen can be taken orally or through patches. The downside of hormone replacement therapy is that it can increase your risk of cancer and stroke. Make sure you ask your doctor about these risks, as well as other side effects, if you are considering this treatment. Besides the treatments mentioned above, there are other alternatives. Since each person may respond best to a different treatment, it is important to try more than one treatment if the first treatment does not work well enough for your satisfaction.

With so many available options, no one should have to suffer through menopause if they do not want to. Research the treatment options, talk to your doctor, and be patient after starting a new treatment.

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