Motivational Speaker Discusses Ways To Navigate Whitewater Events

A few months ago I got a chance to exchange emails with an old business pal of mine, and I have to say, now that I've known him for twenty years, that he has led an interesting life.Much of the last decade has been spent overseas, opening and running contact centers in India and elsewhere, and though he has experienced numerous professional setbacks, they never seem to stick.For example, he mentioned in his note that he has been navigating through "Some whitewater events" and that now he was getting his balance back.

That phrase delights me: "Some whitewater events.".His life has been turbulent, but the way he characterizes it, well, it's normal, part of the stream of things, the great ebb and flow of life.If you're rafting, you expect periodic eddies and also occasional poundings through the rapids.

We can't fully control these things, and perhaps, we'll just exhaust ourselves by trying, somewhat like the swimmer who fights a current instead of going with it, then returning to the shore through a different angle.My pal has always been a smart navigator, one who never seems flummoxed or at wits' end.I've admired this about him for some time.Despite setbacks and surprises, he always has the good sense to ask: "What's right about this picture?" realizing, unlike many of us, that life is about the entire experience, the peaceful shores, but also the bumps and spills along the way.We can all learn from his example:.

(1) Treat bad news as good news; there's an upside to nearly every disappointment.(2) Keep smiling, no matter what happens, and soon enough you'll generate something positive that you can really smile about!.(3) Don't be afraid to take a tumble. It's inevitable, if you're doing enough, and risking properly, you'll get a few bruises along the way.(4) Instead of fighting the cycles of life, its ups and downs, try to appreciate and even admire them. They're marvelous.

(5) Recall every positive influence in your life, and resolve to be like them.(6) Don't overstate your problems, or understate your blessings.(7) Try again and again, for as long as it takes to succeed!.


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By: Dr. Gary S. Goodman

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