Multidimensional Being is What You Are

In reality there is just one human being on the whole planet: our minds are all a part of the universal consciousness, so it is not surprising that we can view different aspects of our Self using different languages and playing different roles.When we transcend our thinking mind and become conscious of our physiology at finer and finer levels of our awareness, we can transcend our body altogether and take our consciousness astral travelling into different dimensions of our Self.I think the film The Matrix is the closest the cinema has come to showing this concept.

Our consciousness is not just in our head, it is within the organs of our body. It exists in every cell and every molecule of our existence.Our feelings connect us to these subtle levels of our existence. Even the atoms of our body and the fine particles which make up the atoms have consciousness: just as these fine particles change from a particle to a wave in their quantum way, so does our consciousness.Our consciousness is moving from physical form into our Light Body, and these particles go from physical form to wave or light.

When we are conscious in our Light Body, we are free of our physical body and we can even transcend the Light and join into the quantum vacuum state of pure nothingness or void: an eternal continuum of nothingness, which is everywhere in the universe, eternally the same.It is in fact the true Self of all, and within it is structured the Akashic Record of all Knowledge.Your mind is rooted in this field; it is through this field that telepathy works, that synchronies work; it is a field of pure love that knows no fear.

You can recreate any dream you like in this field: there is no limit.You can choose to experience any dimension of creation consciously; you can choose to visit any planet in the universe, and there is no such thing as an alien life form as we are all part of the same field of love.The beauty is also when your awareness is one with this field of silence; you are one with the whole universe and can know any of its secrets.

.Message channelled by George Lockett (C) Copyright 2006, All Rights Reserved.

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By: George Lockett

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