New Way for Personal Success

We are going to ask you to begin with kinesthetic anchors. They seem to be the easiest to learn, and the most useful. You'll generalize naturally from those. You can anchor in any system. Pair up again, A and B. You are both going to operate in both positions.

A, your job is to do the following: Face B and place your right hand lightly on B's left knee. Then ask an accessing question: "Do you remember the last time that you had a really good personal success ?.Wait for an appropriate response. You have got to be able to detect a response before you can anchor it. As you begin to see changes, you begin to apply pressure with your hand. You observe the changes in the parameters of muscle tone, skin color, breathing, lip size, etc.

As you detect them, let those actually drive the pressure in your hand. When the changes level out, then you just lift your hand off. Then you will have a perfectly timed anchor. Don't anchor initially until you can see a difference in your success response.Your ability to see a difference depends on how forceful you are in amplifying what you are getting.

If you do things like this: (low, slow voice) "Have you ever been really excited?" or (high, quick voice)."Have you ever been really sad?" that won't work as well as if you congruently say excitedly "Look, have you ever been really excited?.The more expressively you access, the more expressively they will respond.

Then you place your left hand on their right knee, and ask them "What in your experience is the opposite of that?" They will access whatever is the opposite, for them. As the changes occur, again you increase the pressure as you see the changes until they plateau, and then lift your hand off.Then you have two anchors. What we want you to do is to use one, and notice the changes.

Pause, and then use the other one, and notice the changes.See if you can regularly get the same response when you use your anchors.When you are satisfied that you have two anchors that work, and you can see the difference between them, then we want you to hold both at the same time, for about 30-60 seconds, and watch an amazing event, called "integration." Watch your face. You will first see half of the face with one of those responses and the other half with the other, and then they will integrate. Anchors are not buttons; you have to hold them until you see the full response.

Once the integration begins, you don't have to hold any more. The purpose of this exercise is not to do therapy with your success.The purpose is simply for you to verify with your own sensory apparatus that anchors exist, and that you are capable of anchoring all you are doing for further personal development and success .

.(C) copyright 2006 Mohammed Magdy Ahmed, Certified Practitioner of N.L.

P; Neuro Linguistic Programming from American Board of N.L.P.

By: Mohammed Magdy

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