Pet Lovers Flock to Unique Dating Site

"Forget mainstream dating sites if you have a pet dog, cat, horse or for that matter any kind of pet, what most single pet lovers want is someone who can share the joy and responsibilities of looking after their pet" - says the founder of - the latest site for pet lovers that launched earlier this week and is well on its way to its first 100,000 members. Derek Collinson adds "Pet lovers who've tried the mainstream dating sites may have met someone who is in tune with them in every respect - except for one vital ingredient - a shared love of pets!" Pet-lover.

biz matches members who not only have the most compatible personalities, sexual libidos, interests and star signs - but who share the same love of pets - be that dogs, horses, cats, rabbits goats or indeed all pets. To find their potential soulmates members complete three short, easy to understand love tests - sexual compatibility (SexualityMatch), personality compatibility (SoulMatch) and interest compatibility (SelectMatch). Sign compatibility (StarSignMatch) is calculated automatically from members' birthdates.

Interest compatibility (SelectMatch) enables members to choose their favorite pet and then search for people who share the same favorite pet whether that be dogs, rabbits, horses, goats etc. Then they simply go to their homepage where they will find the profiles of other members who offer the highest percentage compatibility match for each of the four areas and (thanks to the SuperMatch love calculator) overall. Members can also browse the profiles of other members and when they find someone they like, check out their SuperMatch rating before deciding to contact them. Pet-Lover.

biz is multilingual - so single pet lovers whose native languages are Chinese, Spanish German, Italian or Turkish will be able to join too and Portuguese and French will be available soon. And in keeping with the saying that 'love knows no bounds' is also offering its members language translations so that the language barrier will no longer be a barrier to finding true love! However thousands of pet loving members plus the ultimate love calculator and language translations do not guarantee success you also need the best communication tools as well and we have them! Members can use video, voice direct, SMS messaging, VOIP, online chat, email and Phone2Phone to contact their potential soulmates so whatever their preference they'll find a communication method that suits them. Finally we offer Members excellent support 24X7 and our pre screening process helps to ensure our members' safety and security. Pet-Lover.

biz is free to join so why not register now and start looking for your soulmate today! With thousands of members already your chances of finding the love of your life who will love your pet as much as you do are really excellent!.

Born and brought up in Scotland but now living in the Yorkshire Wolds. Derek Collinson now shares Findlay (A Spinone) and Florence and Serena(a Pointer and a cross breed from Limerick Animal Rescue) with his wife Jan. In addition they have two Shetland Ponies called Mustard and Periwinkle as well as two cats called Tiger and Titch.

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