Riches Can Be Good

Many Christians look upon being rich as a bad thing. They are taught to seek after money is wrong. To have great wealth is not spiritual. Money or wealth is bad.What is the truth? It is not the money or wealth it is the motive behind the desire. Jesus said that it is the love of money.

Why do you seek riches? What is in it for God? Do you want to be rich just so you can buy more things and stuff for your own pleasure? Do you want to lavish yourself with the pleasures of the world? Are you willing to compromise your spiritual walk with the Lord to be rich?.If that is your desire then you are on the wrong track. Money and things can and will not satisfy.

You will always want more. The desire will consume you. Your relationship with your family will suffer because all your time is spent trying to get just a little bit more. Most importantly your relationship with God will be hindered.

You can not serve God and money. If you love money more than you love God you are on dangerous ground.There are many needy people in this world. Many need to hear about Jesus.

They need to hear what he did for them on the cross. How he gave his live that they might have life eternal and abundant. How can they hear but someone tells them.

Preachers, missionaries, and evangelist need to be sent. Church buildings need to be built. Hospitals and schools need to be built.

People need to be fed and taught how to feed themselves. All this takes money.Money then is essential in this present world to accomplish good things. If your motive is to meet the need of others with the riches God blesses you with there is no harm.

In fact that should be your desire. To use the abilities and talents God has given you to make all the money you can for the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ.Tithing is required. Giving at least a tenth of your money and time is expected by God.

God will bless the tithe. How much better would it be to make enough money to live on a tenth, save a tenth, and give the rest away? That is the kind of motive you should have when seeking riches. When you do things like that you are laying up treasures in heaven. You will receive an abundant entrance into the kingdom of God.

You will hear Jesus say at his judgment seat "well done good and faithful servant".You do not have to be extremely rich to be able to hear these words but you must be faithful. Have the desire to help others and give cheerfully of what you have. God can take a little and turn it into a lot. He just needs those that are willing to be usable and used.

Are you one of the willing? Let the riches of your heart and the riches of this world be used to bring glory and honor to God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

.Warren Adams is a bi-vocational preacher. He has a desire to help Christians develop their spiritual,material and physical abilities to the max.

So they can use them to help others and bring glory to God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

By: Warren Adams

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