So How Long Have You Been a Sociopath

Aren't labels fun? Indeed they appear to be and it is fun to use them isn't it? Sure it helps the human mind categorize everything and this allows them stability in their thinking. Yet we all ought to be careful to judge others. Have you ever called some one a sociopath? Indeed we all have met people which broadly fit what we think is the definition.After all we have heard the term and studied it in HS psychology classes or perhaps in College as well. It is fun to learn about the human brain and the way humans think and so the subject is interesting, at the time new and we hurry to learn all the definitions for the next test.

Problem is we are often too quick to judge, stereotype and profile others, as it is way too easy to do so and then pass them bye with a label and then off we go to the next person. Everyone else, everyone we meet is a "Something or Rather" and rather than considering that we indeed are too quick to judgment of another or everyone for that matter well it never stops does it?.If we were to be honest with ourselves we might consider how others perceive us and perhaps then we might be handed our own mirror.

In other words different people think differently, some are linear thinkers and others have a wide range of attributes, thoughts or ways in which they think. So, I have to now ask you how long have you been a sociopath? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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