The Fear Of Ouija Boards And How To Overcome It

This is an article concerning - The Fear Of Ouija Boards - And How To Overcome It. But first, a short history lesson..

Timeline Of Common 'Belief':.Before the Ouija Board was invented, for guidance or assurance, those in need of consultation from the spirit realms usually visited a seer or, before then, a witch. What was once a common and everyday practice soon became outlawed and was driven underground due to the ever growing control of Catholicism. The Catholic religion was - and still is - the spiritual arm of the might of Rome back then and so, to contest that religion in actuality, really meant contesting the mighty Romans.

Naturally, this was not advisable. It was through their might that such strong armed and enforced 'belief' systems was to, very quickly, reach throughout Europe which, for a time, made almost the whole of Europe Catholics.Before the advent of the great King Arthur Pendragon (who really did exist) and, because the British were a particularly troublesome race during this time, Ceasar Constantinople, by the toss of a coin, 'decided' that the British were also to become Catholics.

Before then, the main religion throughout Britain was Wickan. In the Wickan religion, it is normal to consult with the dead via Druids. It was also because of Druids - those more knowing than most - that we have gained the idea that one must be 'special' to communicate with our passed over forefathers. And so, from then, this 'belief' has also stuck to this day.

In now having removed our original 'natural' 'religion' and replaced it with an extremely fearful one in that, we *must* do as we are told otherwise it's 'eternal hell' for the lot of us, it became nothing to control Britain - and anyone else in the way, through what was then, the new, but an extremely jealous and fickle God. You see, physically, we can threaten any race only so far before that race will retaliate. One day, the fear of physical damage disipitates and is replaced by outrage. With outrage, even small tribes can overcome the mightiest bully. (Dare I mention any names here? I think not).

However, instill fear through a 'belief' system and any bully can keep control of any race from any distance. Whilst fear of physical violence is often overcome and, in many cases, ignored outright yet, inject fear into the *soul* and you have them for life. As we can now see, the Romans could not be accused of being slow could they? Why, even to this day, it is not America that is the greatest power on Earth. It is The Vatican - Rome. Unlike whatever we have been taught to 'believe' yet, Rome never truly lost it's empire. It simply created a new one.

Meantime, it was because Rome wanted (and got) complete control over the hearts and minds of their 'chattels' (you and I), it was also decided that, any kind of consultation - otherworldly or not - that was not accomplished through them - and them alone (via 'Priests') then it was summarily smashed in such a way that, anyone witnessing such a thing would never forget it. It was during this time that many, very gentle and deeply spiritual Druids, were hacked to death in front of crowds like dogs. Thus the real message beneath Catholicism - which still exists to this day is that, one will never get to heaven unless it is through a Roman (Priest/soldier).(Note: Do we honestly 'believe' that God - our ALL loving God - could be made so small? And do we honestly 'believe' that only Catholics or 'religious people' go to 'heaven'? Is God *that* small too? I really don't think so - do you?).It was because of the harshness and (truly) unforgiving nature of those in control of Catholicism that a group who protested such harshness organised themselves into a body which then became 'Protestants'. From Protestantism, came all other associated 'belief' systems.

Thus ALL western religions can find their true roots in Catholicism - the first Westernised, organised religion.Even though there was hope to be free of the harshness and cruelty of Rome through Protestantism yet, many of the religious practices had been instilled within us so well that, we could not lose many of them. Along with those instilled practices - such as, attending church for example - came the now, accepted position in that, we must never communicate with anything other than - a Minister. In fact, in either case, the only form of 'communication' that was permitted was of course, prayer. But then, even that was taught wrongly too.Not long after this, Britain then begins to form it's own empire - and with it, spread it's own 'belief' system so far and wide that, what we Westerners still accept as 'normal' practice as far as communicating with Our Worlds Beyond is concerned, the rest of the world followed suit.

With the rest of the world (accept the Orient) not being as intelligent, it was very easy indeed to instill. And so, instill it we did.With religion now being all pervasive during this era, instillment of it's fear-mongering content was also used as another form of control. (It beats bullets any day of the week! Think of it. Rather than waste millions of bullets, let's send one man over who wears a dog-collar! That'll do it! And so, it did didn't it? And what a mistake that was too) It was also during this time - the Victorian Era - that the Ouija Board was first invented. And, at no time do we find a more superstitious race in the Western world than the Victorian Era.

By then, the Romans had done their job so well that, by the Victorian Era, 'Satan' or 'Demons' (which have *never* existed anyway) were around every corner, nook and cranny. Then, as now, God was not only not to be mocked - but was, most definitely, to be *feared*. But then, who instilled such fear? It wasn't God that's for sure.Since the whole of society as we know it, is based on 'might', fear and instilled indoctrination, we can now also understand that the scientific world has also been just as afflicted.

Although most of us can accept that science is *meant* to be objective yet, in actuality, it is not treated this way. What we tend to forget is that, when we evoke science - we do not evoke the art itself but the *people* behind it. As 'only' *people* themselves, whether they can appreciate it or not yet, they too are every bit as influenced by religious might as anyone else. Scientists also have fears, worries, superstitions and everyday needs and wants just like the rest of us and, like the rest of us, need them to be overcome or fulfilled too.

Looking down that microscope is an ordinary person - a person, like you and I. And, whether you and I are aware of it or not yet, science too, is just as controlled as is anything that 'the powers that be' do not want shared and, if you only knew what *really* lies beyond a Ouija Board - a board that anyone can use, you would understand where this fear comes from. (We'll talk about that another time Ok?).

Along with scientists, what we also tend to overlook is that, beneath the dog-collar and cassock in all religions, is an every day 'normal' person just like you and I, who have also been just as influenced and as instilled as anyone else. Although science has long since proven the existence of *something* after death yet, very few, if any, are willing to rock the boat and come right out and say so. They wont do this for, as it is with religious power, the scientific community are also too timid to find the courage it takes to first find the truth (as it really is) and then step out and say so. To do so; to rock the boat, as any scientist knows, means that not only do you lose your status but probably your job too. And, don't we ALL have bills to pay?.

And so, in being a generally negative species, we have acquired the habit of fearing what we don't understand. We have been *taught* this fear and taught very well indeed haven't we? And so, coupled with religious fear-mongering and our (now) natural tendency towards fear, communication with Our Worlds Beyond was, most definitely, put to bed.Meantime, as mentioned, it was during the very superstitious (and fearfully afraid) Victorian Era that the Ouija Board was invented. Talk about inventing it at the 'wrong' time! (But then, when we are dealing with *instilled* fear, please, you tell me, *when* would be the 'right' time?). Evenso, fear or no fear yet, the *interest* then was such that, when the board was invented, it sold like hot cakes! From nothing, suddenly, almost every middle class person throughout Europe and America owned one - or knew someone who did. It was exciting.

It was riviting. It was brand spanking new. Think of it as they did back then.

What must have it been like to suddenly have the actual means of communicating with another world of existence. How awesome must it have been for them back then.Well, as exciting and as riviting as it was yet, behind the excitement - came the instilled fear. To make matters much worse for anyone even entertaining the idea, out come the church to say that it was 'the Devil's tool'. (Of course they did).

It was now openly stated that, anyone using such a tool was purposely being fooled by 'Satan' and that, should you ever use one then, 'he' will drag you off to hell. (Or something like this). And, you know what? When we evoke religious fear in this way, *millions* of followers listen. When so many followers listen, they don't listen with a questioning ear. So well have we all been instilled and brainwashed that we now simply follow, without question, whatever *any* religious leader says.And so, today, even this very day, people don't go anywhere near a Ouija Board because, to use one, in certain respects, means (at the back of the mind) certain death, eternal burning, 'possession' (which *never* happens) or something 'not nice'.

Indeed, even Spiritists, the ones in *daily* contact with Our Worlds Beyond, wont use one because "they open 'vortices" (which also don't exist) or, let's say, 'annoy The Gate-Keeper' or something similar (which also does not exist). All such *assumptions* have come about today - not because people have tried one and failed (because they were not taught how to use one *properly*) but because they remember, above all things, what their parents, their big brother, their cousin, their best friend, their tutor, (Spiritism), their peers, the media have TOLD them to 'believe'. And, like the good sheep we all are, we don't break the habit of generations.

We simply *follow* our leader and 'believe' in this instilled fear - just as our peers have before us. And, aren't we all so very good at this?.If we are not simply afraid then, we fear rocking the boat.

If we don't fear rocking the boat, we fear what 'God' said - that somebody *else* *TOLD* us He said. In other words, 'what God said' is but yet another *interpretation* of God's word brought to us, yet again, by an ordinary person - with fears of his own to contend with - fears incidentally, that don't belong to him either?.And so, from this very shortened version of our history concerning communication with Our Worlds Beyond, we can now begin to see the seat of this fear and that, most importantly, this fear does NOT belong to us but to Eras far more ignorant than ours.But What Of The Thousands Of Suicides?.

Added to the above fears and instilled religious fear-mongering concerning communication with Our Worlds Beyond, are also the many suicides that ensued due to the use of the Victorian version of the Ouija Board. It was because of such tragic circumstances that Parker Brothers (TM) and Waddingtons(TM) in Britain, removed all Ouija Boards from their shelves and refused to sell them again. Today, Ouija Boards can be bought on E-Bay (a joke site really) or quirky corner shops. Rarely will you find one on the main shelves in major stores for, they all learned that lesson back when Waddingtons did.Now, I ask that you remember that, all big companies like these are there to make profits only. They exist for no other purpose than this.

If something is not profitable then, whatever it is, is removed from the shelves to be replaced with something that is. Profit keeps people in work - for them. This is the ONLY thing that matters to large companies. You and I don't matter.

Money does.People put a LOT of store in what large companies put on shelves - and they know this about us. Should a large company place anything on their shelves then, just by being there, this sends we little people the subliminal message that this thing is 'safe'.

Having a product placed in a large company store gives an unconscious credence to that thing so much that, rarely do ordinary shoppers like you and I question them - or their choices. We simply roll in, buy, and roll out again and we don't give our purchased products another thought do we? Now, I don't want to go too far with this but, let's just say that, should we all spend a lot more time in what we are buying then, we would find *many* UNsafe products in all stores - even health food stores at that! But that too, is for another day.So, let's put aside, large companies and 'their' opinions too shall we? After all, it is not big companies that we tend to listen too is it? At the top of each large company is ONE person - and again, an *ordinary* person at that - who calls all the shots. It's the same with TV, Radio shows, magazines and all Newspapers too. ONE person - that's all.

And, if they happen to be afraid (and they usually are) then, whatever it is, you wont see it there either. Personalities. Personalities, 'opinions' (based on nothing but hand-me-down gossip) and instilled 'belief'.

When dealing with Ouija Boards, this is ALL we're dealing with in *this* reality.To overcome the fear of the Ouija Board, we must first understand WHERE that fear originated from to then deal with it, get rid of it (because it isn't OURS but THEIRS anyway) to then approach the Ouija Board with a *level* head and an *open* mind - a mind FREE of instilled fear and gossip. Do that and we're half way there.The Rest?.It was due ONLY to lack of knowledge, tuition and *proper* understanding that those poor souls committed suicide when using the original Ouija Board.

What we also tend to overlook altogether when we think of then is that, when it was first invented, it came with NO instruction what-so-ever. Instruction - or rather, what passed for it (a two-sided printed piece of paper I believe - which told us nothing) gave us absolutely no clue what-so-ever as to 'what' we would meet on the 'other' side of the glass. In being so (and I have to say it) 'stupid' and plain ignorant, the originator had no clue himself! And so, without *proper* tuition to impart, he had no idea that he was not only sending people to the local nut-house but was, at worst, sending people to their graves.

So, no wonder people fear the Ouija Board! The original Ouija Board was badly thought out and not nearly tested enough by it's inventor so that HE knew *exactly* what was what to begin with to then lead others to it. But then, as far as he is concerned, he too, like you and I, was *also* just as influenced by dogma and the now, fully established fear of - whatever. At the end of the day, he too needed to make afew shillings and so, he did. (But it certainly cost him I can tell you.

Since his passing, he has paid and paid again for his oversight I promise you).Then, when you come to use one *properly* that is backed up by and through *proper* tution from someone who has *actually* been there and back *himself* - to then know exactly where YOU are going - without the fluff and fear-mongering tripe that is so prevalent in society today, then, you too will *know* and not have to 'believe' ever again. Then, and only then, will you too come to realise that the universe - both seen and unseen - is a truly vast place indeed but that both places and Our Worlds Beyond suddenly become available to you too - just as it has me.And, from there, whole vistas open up to us all that lead us all to *limitless* knowledge and *infinite* love the likes of which just do not exist here on earth - and that it was THIS very thing that ancient Romans and ensuing power-mongers DIDN'T want us to have. The reason for this is, it is because so much is *already* available to us to use and explore in any way that takes our fancy that, ultimately, it all leads us to who and what we truly are and that, what we truly are NOT are SHEEP who simply follow but are, just as God said we are, *Sovereign Entities* - ALL in our own right - a right that NO church or race - however powerful - can *ever* take from us. And THAT is what *truly* lies beyond the Ouija Board.

.(Note: Ouija Boards do NOT 'tell fortunes' - no more than you can. You will NOT ever be 'possessed'.

It doesn't happen. *influenced* yes (if we allow it). Possessed NO! NO Being, from ANY level of existence, can harm you - unless YOU decide they can. So, don't 'decide' it Ok? YOU are much more powerful than ANY 'ghost'. It is NOT the other way around).

I thank you for your time.Bob Daulby.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.Bob Daulby is a world renowned, global expert on matters of life after death, the greater life and Our Worlds Beyond. He has contacted and communicated with all kinds of entities from the astral plains, other-worldly beings (aliens) as well as with those from inter-dimensional existences and different time-lines. He can teach you to do the same in a very safe, sure and positive manner at: http://www. so that everyone may glean limitless knowledge, love and understanding as well as adventures beyond dreams. Please visit and this gift too can be yours.

By: Bob Daulby

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