The Profound Kind of Dating

No, you are not about to read an article about that interesting activity when you try to hook up on people or try to know a person better by spending quality time with her or him.

There is another meaning to the word dating and that is what you are about to read here.

Dating is the determination of age of a thing or an object, of a natural occurrence, event or phenomenon or of a series of happenings or events.

There are relative and absolute kinds of dating. In relative dating, the order of sequence of happenings or events is identified or determined. Through this, the investigator can determine whether the object being investigated or probed is older or younger.

Or if an event occurred before or after another significant event.

Absolute dating is also referred to as Chronometric dating. Through this, the investigator or prober determines the age of a thing under probe.

Kinds of relative dating

Stratigraphic dating interprets the significance of archaeological or geological strata or layers. The technique began with careful description or drawing of the strata or the archaeological or geological profile.

The data or profile taken from one location is compared against profiles or data from the surroundings. This type of dating is assuming that lower layers in profiles are older or more ancient than upper layers.

Through this techniques, igneous rocks' ages found in craters of volcanoes and rocks from various areas and continents are determined.

Seriation is another relative dating technique when the description of stylistic changes or modifications in artifacts and changes in the distinct layers or styles in order and sequence are determined. Thus, the series or sequential order or events are determined using this technique.

Modern use of dating

The dating subject you are reading might not be as interesting and exciting as dating you probably must always be involved in.

But you must agree that this kind of dating is very important in science. In science, dating is important because ages and setting of occurrences must be determined to determine other things that are happening and will still happen.

You must probably heard that victims of fire, or individuals burned to death during fire incidences undergo dating. Through the process, even if the person can not be identified, dating is conducted to determine the age of the person.

Teeth are parts of our body that can trace or determine or pin point our age.

That is because certain elements or minerals found in teeth changes periodically over time.

Through that, age of the person owning the teeth is determined, That is why archaeologists can determine the age of the mummies or other body remains by examining the teeth of the courses.

Teeth of dinosaurs were also instrumental in determining the real age of the dinosaurs.

Wrapping up

Dating is a very meticulous and exact science. That is why people involved in this very tedious investigative science are trained very hard.

The science of dating is not gaining much popularity nowadays, but is considered as one of science's areas where much potential lies.

They say to be able to look further to tomorrow and today, one must be able first to look into yesterday. Humanity will rely on dating to be able to understand today and tomorrow's natural and phenomenal occurrences.

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By: Khieng Chho

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