We Need to Help ALL Illegal Aliens Now

With all this debate going on out there and all these illegal alien rallies carrying Mexican Flags and such you can see we must help them to be fair. It is the right thing to do, since all they want is a better life. Some say that they are illegal aliens and that means they are breaking the law when they come to America. But I disagree I think we should give them all our wealth and lots of free stuff too.Now here is my plan to help these poor folks.

You see we have plenty of air-conditioned buses, limos and aircraft to go pick them up? We have plenty of schools? We can easily change the name of the Country to be the United Americas?.We can change our official language to include Mandarin, Spanish and Russian. We can double and triple our taxes, really who would notice anyway? We can get shots for every American to prevent the increased cases of Bird Flu, Hepititus, TB, STDs, etc.

that they bring in. We can paint our gated community gates with gold plating and various nick nacks on them to make everyone feel at home.We have enough money to buy homes for every illegal alien and give them free healthcare too. We should understand that they just want a better life, but do not feel empowered to fix their own nation. So we should be good neighbors and pay for them and give up our rights and give them all we have and all we have build.

We can make the US just like Mexico city, it is such a wonderful place, with clean air, plenty of water and such. Think of this great opportunity Slade. Come on go with me on this. It is a great plan and it should only cost our nation everything, but we can borrow another 25 Trillion Dollars and overcome this problem you see?.

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By: Lance Winslow

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