When Is Enough Stuff Enough

Many of us have accumulated a numerous amount of stuff as the years go by, we spring clean out only once a year, and usually much of the stuff that we have accumulated sits and doesn't get used.In America the largest mall in Minnesota is so popular that it attracts more visitors annually than Disney World, Graceland, and the Grand Canyon all combined together!.Why are we attached to possessions we don't really need, or use? We tend to live more now than ever before on a short term basis, there is always something newer, quicker, smarter, more portable coming out on the market. And for many of us, the thought of 'the best' is a choice that so few can decline.So what can we do to own our stuff, with a sense of emotional detachment? We need to realize why we are shopping, is it for a midday boost, a getaway from the stresses of life? What is it for you? After realizing what emotions you have attached to shopping, it is a good idea to sit down with a pad and pen, and write down what you need to have your basic needs met, to live comfortably with an amount that you can control. When you know what triggers your spending you can set an action plan in place for when ever you feel the urge to shop, you can do another activity that brings just as much, maybe more fulfillment to replace it with shopping for a quick fix.

Then I suggest you write on some small sheets of paper or card, what it is for you that is important in a product, item of clothing, or whatever else. Write on these cards what you want from the product. I've listed an example below to help you out.Example:.

I want earth friendly clothing
I want easy to care for clothing
I want low gi food.This gives you a clear idea of what you want when you do need to go shopping. These cards can be placed in your wallet, or handbag.

When you are shopping make sure the item before you buy it has all of the qualities that you have mentioned in your cards. This keeps you disciplined, and helps you to stay focused on what is really important to you. This makes shopping a purposeful, and enjoyable time, knowing that you will get what you want, and not accumulate everything in the store.We are constantly seeking more, only to discover that more is never enough.Vicki Robin.


Sarah Liddle Imperative Coaching Life and Business coach Phone: +64211600016.Recipe for Sarah:.2 cups of a Love for Life
2 tablespoons of determination
3 teaspoons of confidence
a dose of personal belief
A dollop of compassion
and a sprinkling of peace.

All mixed together with a burning desire to coach and educate humanity.

By: Sarah Liddle

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