Your Mental Garden How Does It Grow

Many times we get lost or caught up in the minutia of life?the push and pull, the yin and yang?with a negative outcome, feeling stressed or rushed with little control, no power and no peace.Sometimes the minutia of life is more turbulent than others, however, we can be in control?it is a matter of choice. Remember that feelings follow thoughts.

What are you saying to yourself about what you are experiencing? We create what we experience with every thought.You can choose serenity and feel the delightful pleasure of peace flowing through you like a gentle breeze. If you are still and quiet you will come to a place where you feel safe. You can use this place of safety to create and imagine the limitless possibilities of your experiences.As the gardener, you can choose which thoughts need to be weeded out and which thoughts you want to stay which will nurture the inner beauty of your mind.

As the gardener of your mind you have the responsibility of choosing to weed out the thoughts that can wreck havoc and chaos to your inner and outer experience. If you plant and nurture negative thoughts, they will grow bigger and bigger. Before you realize it your garden is overgrown with weeds that strangle the lovely flowers that were your birthright. If you plant and nurture positive thoughts, they will grow bigger and bigger. Which do you want in your garden?.

Pay attention to which thoughts you put in your mental garden as you awaken each day. Listen. Listen.

Listen carefully. Do you hear yourself bemoan having to get up, go to work or simply get out of bed? Do you run all of yesterday's travail over and over in your mind? Are you focused on thoughts of resentment toward anyone or anything, or are you focused on thoughts which will create a day of magnificence?.You create your reality through your thoughts.

Tune into your mental garden and nurture the positive thoughts and tune out the negative thoughts. Nurture your mental garden with thoughts of love, joy and peace. Breathe in deeply and allow the oxygen to flow through your body. Fill your mental garden with hope and happiness. Keep your mind tuned to endless possibilities.

You will be surprised to notice your life on the inside creates your life on the outside.You have all the gardening tools you need to tend and nurture your mental garden. Remember feelings follow thoughts. Your thoughts are a choice?choose wisely.

.Dorothy M.

Neddermeyer, PhD, author, international speaker, and inspirational leader empowers people to view life's challenges as an opportunity for Personal/Professional Growth and Spiritual Awakening.

By: Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD

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