The Worlds Favorite Date Movies - Want to rent a movie and snuggle up with your sweetie? Well, the flick you pick might help set the mood for a little action of your own, so choose wisely.

Age of Aquarius Dawn or Sunset - ?Humanity today faces two possibilities: collective suicide or the biggest spiritual awakening that the world has ever known.

Whats the Difference Between Ordinances and Commandments - There seems to be a lot of confusion among Christians about the need to follow the Ten Commandment law of God.

Dont Forget Anniversary Cards - Anniversaries are some of the most important events that we celebrate.

Domestic Violence is Alive and Well - Unfortunately, domestic violence is very much alive and well -- and thriving.

Alternative Ways To Help Quit Smoking - The methods used to help a person quit smoking are as varied as smokers themselves.

Stage Fright Fear Of Public Speaking Phobia What Is The Difference And How Do I Get Rid Of It - Copyright 2006 Randy Lubow.

Power Language What Language Do You Use to Determine Your Reality - ?Act as though it is impossible to fail? -Ashanti proverb.

Oil Prices Trucking and Economics December and Now - Many believe that we may be seeing $4.

The Unique Relationship between Wind Chimes and Feng Shui - There is a harmonious marriage shared by wind chimes and the natural forces of nature.

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