We Are All Spiritual For Better Or Worse - We are all spiritual, because spirit is who we are naturally.

Hypnosis Principles for a maintaining a Successful Relationship - Why is it that so many relationships, which start off with such energy and enthusiasm, seem to lose their glitter just a few weeks down the road? Studies have shown that there are five basic principles, which govern the quality of a relationship i.

China and Environmental Challenge Up in the Air - China is rapidly surpassing many other nations and on its way to be the dominate country on Earth.

Active Listening - Listening is one of the most effective communication skills we can learn.

What Does The Eye Tell Us About Evolution - I previously cited the eye as an example of an organ that demonstrates irreducible complexity.

Seven Words a Guy Likes to Hear from His Sweetheart - Believe it or not beneath the confident, silent exterior of a guy, lies a feeling or two.

Are You Positive or Negative Does Your Behaviour Impact Those Around You And Can You Change It - Some years ago, I read a report by Spiro Zavos in the sports columns of my SMH newspaper, which described the behaviour of a football coach during a very tense finals game.

So How Long Have You Been a Sociopath - Aren?t labels fun? Indeed they appear to be and it is fun to use them isn?t it? Sure it helps the human mind categorize everything and this allows them stability in their thinking.

Singles Vacations Are The Way To Go - If you are looking for the perfect way to have fun, relax, and meet new people you might want to consider "singles travel.

Relationships When Love Is Lost - Watch a cloud in the sky.

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