Breaking the Habit Overcoming your Shyness - Do you often feel uneasy in social settings? Do large gathering of people make you want to retreat back to the safety and solitude of your home? Do you often break out in a sweat or get nervous when at a large function? If any of these sounds familia.

Is Worry Causing Your Tossing and Turning - Tossing and turning is an annoying habit.

Critiquing Your Internet Profile - It is unfortunately true that many emails go unread and deleted if the profile doesn't catch the person's interest.

It All Comes Down To You - I am a bit of a news addict.

Energy Shifters The Everyday People Who Move Energy - One thing has become clear to me the more I do energy work.

Questions To Empower You - Copyright 2006 Christopher Green.

The Sun Always Rises - An interesting but profound observation is that the sun always rises.

Discover How Yoga can Improve Workplace Safety and Health - The public view of Yoga has dramatically changed.

Mind Control in Games - In all games that we play, mind control is the most important factor between failure and victory.

BeDoHave The Action Journey Versus The Creation Journey - A recent Rhymes With Orange (by Hilary Price) cartoon had the following dialog.

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