Is Your Grip Too Tight - Our society seems to be on a mission to possess as much and as many as possible in their life experience.

The Clutter Diet Step - Now that you have curtailed new clutter from entering your home as outlined in The Clutter Diet - Step 1, you need to tackle what you already own.

Riches Can Be Good - Many Christians look upon being rich as a bad thing.

Can We Should We Rebuild New Orleans Right - Many are saying the cost to rebuild the City of New Orleans is simply insane and to do it right even more costly as it will still be below sea level.

Which Voice Grabs Your Attention - Going through a typical day what does the predominant voice in your head sound like? Is it mostly positive encouraging words like "good job" or self defeating negative dialogue like "I can't believe you did that?"? Sometimes we hear these words s.

Happily Ever After - In the beginning, how would you have described the relationship between you and your spouse? Would you have said it was very passionate? Would you have said it was most stimulating in all the right ways - mind, body and spirit?.

Are You Hooked On Online Dating - Do you get in from work and check your inbox to see if you have another admirer? If you do, you could be hooked on online dating.

Lance Rants on the Fanatical Rhetoric Leading to the Iranian War - Well now we have both sides making statements, promises and some say threats, as Iran builds nuclear weapons and promises to; Blow Israel Off the Map.

Keys to Improving Selfesteem for Teenage Girls - Experts on facial expressions are not fooled by the big smiles of teen-age girls.

Educate Black Youth - Why is it that our black youth no longer have goals, dreams, or hope? Is it because America has lost all hope for the black youth? Is it because half of our youth don?t have both parents at home? Are all the good role models gone? Or is it becau.

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